NeuroLabParts provided us with great quality second hand Patch clamp equipment. The prices were very affordable and the items were almost brand new. Their customer service, maintenance and warranty services were GREAT and they helped us a lot in setting up our lab. They would even follow up with us for updates on the performance of equipment and are always ...... Read More

Ziad Raad
Owner, Western Sydney University, School of Medicine

List of products by manufacturer Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH

Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH develops high-performance measuring instruments and equipment in the field of electrophysiology for research groups and for the pharmaceutical industry. The company has a special focus in designing modular Multi Electrode Electrophysiology tools for in vitro and in vivo applications.


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH provides Xenopus Oocyte Research, an automated injection and drug screening system; In vitro MEA-System, a multi-channel system for extracellular recordings in vitro with microelectrode arrays; In vivo ME-System, a system for in vivo recordings from microelectrode arrays, including headstages, amplifiers, and adapters; and Stimulus Generators, a programmable stimulus generator. It also offers data acquisition; microelectrode arrays; amplifiers; temperature controllers for biological samples; manipulators for patch clamping, extracellular recording, and in vitro orin vivo; microscopes for patch clamping, sharp electrode recording, microinjection, stretch testing, and other procedures requiring control and image clarity; moveable platforms and stages for upright or inverse microscopes; and spare parts. Its products are used in various applications, such as neuronal, cardiac, stem cell, and ion channel electrophysiology. The company offers its products through a distribution network for customers worldwide. Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH was founded in 1996 and is based in Reutlingen, Germany.


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